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Ayalah Brenowitz

If you like working with numbers, marketing can be a career for you. Fortune 50 companies not only look for marketing degrees, but also statistics, math and computer science degrees as well.

However, not all people like working with numbers. Marketing relies heavily on the written and spoken word as well. So I've broken up marketing careers into two categories.

Number-crunching marketing careers:
Marketing analyst
Agile marketing project manager

Non-number crunching marketing careers:
Sales manager
Retail manager
Copy manager
Web design manager

Hybrids: - These careers may involve both number crunching and writing skills, depending on your managers needs:
Social media marketing manager
eCommerce manager
Product manager

Hope that helps guide where to concentrate on your job search and your college course selections!

Answered 5 years ago

Ayalah Brenowitz