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Jessica Schweppe

These are the four that quickly come to mind:

Public Relations:
Very technical, rule driven. Handle press inquiries and press releases. Serve as a point of contact between the company and all public facing promotion. Great for people who thrive on structure.

Advertising / Agency Jobs:
Work with a variety of different accounts and help create a brand image and promotional strategy that will help your client sell their product or service. Lots of variety but can also be lots of stress due to fast deadlines.

Content Marketing / Inbound Marketing:
Create content (blog posts, videos, ebooks, presentations) that educate your audience about your industry in an effort to build trust in your brand, slowly cultivate new clients.

Sales Support / Outbound Marketing:
Similar to inbound but older model. Support / create content for an outbound sales staff, provide marketing collateral for your team, help with lead generation.

Answered 6 years ago

Jessica Schweppe