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Justin Wheeler

Honestly, this career has many facets, so it can consist of very different things depending on what area you focus on. If you focus on the creative/PR side, the career will consist of promotion. This can be creating content for promotions/advertising, lead generation, branding of the products and/or company itself, and more interaction with the customers. This is the more 'creative' side of marketing. Then there is the more mathematical/technical side or marketing in market research and marketing analytics. This consists of mining through data to find insights, analyzing survey data, and using statistics to predict customer behavior or forecasting.

At my company these are split into two divisions. On the creative team, we have a marketing coordinator who manages events to promote our business, a marketing assistant who handles more internal marketing, a graphic designer who creates the visuals for the campaigns, and an web master who handles email campaigns. On the Market research side we have a data integrity analyst who keeps our data clean and usable, a business intelligence analyst who uses the data to find insights on various campaigns and sales functions, and a inside sales rep to research sales leads and qualify them before going to the sales team. This isn't the same at every company, but this is my experience with this career.

If you want to work more on the creative side, I would recommend focusing on marketing and communications. If you enjoy more of the quantitative side, I would recommend focusing on marketing with either statistics or information systems classes.

Answered 4 months ago

Justin Wheeler