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Marketing is a broad field and applies to almost every commercial industry.

Most of the marketing professionals I have met got a degree in another field then moved into marketing after they worked for a while.

Marketing includes things like

- learning customer needs through analyzing their behavior.
- making a plan on how to sell products or services to customers
- advertising is a very specific type of marketing that is a field in itself
- strategy of how to compete with competitor companies
- web marketing is a major trend over the past 10 years.
- lots of other aspects.

Marketing can be "B to B" or "B to C"
B to B means "business to business" or companies that sell to other companies
B to C means "business to consumer" or companies that sell to the end public (you and me)

the good thing is you can do marketing for any type of industry that interests you. For instance marketing for cars, cosmetics, candies ANYTHING!

you could study business and take a focus on marketing or there are probably marketing degrees as well.

hope this helps!


Answered 9 years ago