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I am an adult undergraduate thinking about attending school but am having a difficult time picking a program to earn a degree in. I have narrowed it down to Surgical Tech, LPN, Medical Assistant, or RN. All of these choices I feel have their positive & negatives. Surgical Tech is a two-year degree, makes good money, but the job market is not huge. Medical Assistant is a very short program making it the fastest route into the medical field, but the pay is not that great & I still believe there is a stigma with males in this line of work. ( I never see guys in this profession). LPN's seem to be phasing out into Nursing homes as the preferred level of education to work in a hospital is a Bachelor. (I don't really want to work in a nursing homes). Going for RN would require the most student debt & highest risk. My background in Math is not the strongest, plus I hear how hard Nursing schooling is in general. Being a full-time commitment means hardly working plus the field is so competitive. Any advice would be h

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Lisa Fonseca

While making money is one of life's necessities, you are trying to choose a career that you will do for the rest of your working life - or at least for a fairly long time. Rather than keeping the focus on the money, think about the aspects of each job that interest/appeal to you. Which job can you see yourself doing. - 40 hours/week for the next 25 years? When you find something you enjoy, it won't seem like work, you will naturally do it better. You will be very good at it and you won't have to worry about the competition and/or how large the market is. You've started the analysis, complete the SWOT analysis on each job, making sure to factor in your unique needs, wants, desires.

Answered 6 years ago

Lisa Fonseca