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Ryan Hurley

I work as a PT, but also work closely with a few athletic trainers.

PT work with many patient in many settings. This includes the spectrum of inpatient in a hospital for acute issues to orthopedic outpatient services. ATC's work with athletes to provide injury prevention tools and provide treatment for athletes suffering from orthopedic injuries.

The scope of care for both PT's and ATC's are pretty close with the focus on maximizing function though prevention of injury, providing care to rehab an injury and preventing further injuries. The main difference being the types of patients seen (ie. athletes vs general public).

PT will require more schooling (6.5-7yrs) than ATC (4 years), but the pay is better out of school for PT. You need to weigh tuition vs. salary. Hope that helps! Can't speak for psychologists.

Answered 7 years ago

Ryan Hurley