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At 30 years old, and a first time college student, is it better to start in a Community College then transfer to a 4 year?

Some say to seek the school I ultimately want to go to and just begin there. Others say that due to cost, I should begin in a Community College and take all basic courses there, then transfer.

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Dan Nguyen

Two ways of thought.
1. It is cheaper to take your basic courses and then transfer it over to university.
2. Taking community college courses, even though it may be considered equivalent on paper, it is looked downed upon when applying for graduate programs.

The best method that I've seen my colleagues do is to take general non-related courses in community college and have those transferred over. The courses that pertain to your career is best saved for university. For example: Engineer career, do not take any advance math or any adv engineer courses in community college but feel free to take electives, english 101, general biology at the community college level. That way, if you decide to pursue a doctorate or masters in engineer, those course you took in community college have little impact on your application.

Answered 4 years ago

Dan Nguyen