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Hello ! I am a new student in john jay college. I just got my associates in Business Administration with concentrate in computer programming. Now am in bachelors school really double minded about my career in life. I don't want to continue in computer science maybe because i feel not interested in it anymore. I want to get into medical field but everyone keeps telling me i can never get into Med School as they require 4.0 GPA and i have no background in Bio or Chem not even Physics.

So if i change my major , i will have to take prerequisite bio 1 and 2 chem 1 and 2 and physics 1 and 2. I am so lost now double minded. My current Major is Forensics Psychology @_@ i though i wanted to do it when i came in John Jay but now i don't feel like thats for me. I feel like a completely confused student. Everyone keeps telling me not to change my major and that i should just get my bachelors in Forensic Psychology. I transferred to John Jay with a Associates Degree and i have 60 credits already. The only Major for medical science in john Jay is Forensic Science

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Gordon Leibowitz

No answer yet. Need some questions addressed first.:
What's your current age?
How have your grades been? What's your GPA so far?
What makes you disinclined to pursue your original goal in Forensic psychology?
What attracts you to the idea of Med. School?
Have you an aversion to the sciences?

Answered 3 years ago

Gordon Leibowitz