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I hope all is well. I take it from your question that you are maybe interested in the medical field but not necessarily in being a doctor or nurse? There are so many ways to get into this field now without just becoming a doctor per se. For example, there are many Healthcare Management Programs out there or majors within Business degrees tied to healthcare management that can help launch a career in the medical industry without necessarily working directly with patients. You mention promotions which to me would indicate that you should take a look at sales and marketing programs or entry level jobs, get some experience and then try break into medical or pharmaceutical sales. There is also so much happening with regards to new IT health care start up businesses and you could possibly assist in a promotions role for those organizations if you had the right sales/business background. Just google IT healthcare start ups and you will be able to read a lot on this hugely growing industry (ie think about home healthcare for the elderly).

I hope this helps and best of luck,

Answered 7 years ago