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Pranita Sharma

I think there are at least 9-10 ways you can use a Psychology degree. It is such massive field that you can go to any direction you are interested in. You'll have the following options:

1) Career counselor: They help people make career decisions depending upon the person's interest, personality and other measures. They look at the person's history to see which is the best match for the person.

2) School Psychologist: They can work on a school settings to help children deal with emotional, social and academic problems.

3) Wide Variety Counselor: They help people from different problems such as marriage, family, emotional, educational and other different issues problems.

4) Genetic Counselor: They work with a team of professionals (doctors, nurses, geneticists) to offer support for the families who have somebody in their family who has a genetic disorder or may have chances of passing down to their offspring.

5) Forensic Psychologist: They work mostly for criminal investigation and law.

6) Clinical Psychologist: They assess, diagnose, and treat clients who are suffering from psychological disorders.

7) sports psychologist: They work on wide variety settings such as hospitals, universities, athletic centers etc. They focus on psychological aspects of sports such as performance, injury and motivation

8) Industrial psychologist: They work on mostly work place behavior to increase worker productivity.

9) Special Education Teacher: They work students with a variety of disabilities.

10) Engineering Psychologist: They investigate how people interact with machines and other technology

Answered 7 years ago

Pranita Sharma