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Ciji Williams

Get an undergraduate degree in a biological sciences major. (minimum 4 years)
Maintain a VERY high GPA during undergrad
Search for medical schools you are interested in and take a look at their requirements for entry.
Take the MCAT and pass
Apply to medical school
If accepted, med school is 4 more years
Then you will decide what you want to specialize in
You will interview for a residency on your chosen field
An academic hospital will employ you as a medical resident. Depending on the specialty you get accepted into, this phase of training can be from 3-5 years,
After residency, depending on your specialty, you can begin practicing as an attending physician
If you choose to sub-specialize (e.g. cardiology, pathology, endocrinology, cardiothoracic surgery, pulmonary, intensive care medicine, etc), you will complete a fellowship in that specialty. A fellowship is an additional 3-4 years (sometimes more)

Minimum training duration is about 12 years from undergraduate to a general practice (non-specialized) physician.

Answered 6 years ago

Ciji Williams