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I am currently a respiratory therapy student and find my self struggling.

I am uncomfortable with the way my professor teaches as he only teaches using only powerpoints. Im unsure if its his teaching methods or if not the right carrer path for me. Which is a challenging thought considering how my dream has always been to work in a field where i can make a difference and help people. Unfortunatly my school has a small RTT program and not many professor. I dont know what to do i worked so hard to get into the program. I began to school for other school in new york but since RTT is still a growing filed i do not have many options. my questions to you is how do i make the right decisions for my self and select a carrer path that not only is going to make me happy but also have me financilly stable.

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Betty Wrght

I agree to Nancy Duffy's response but in addition - this professor is only a pin point in your education. Studying medical subjects is at time easier with visuals/ power points. Continue to study on your own and search on line to supplement the power point topics.
Respiratory therapist are so vitally important - they work in hospitals - ICU's, medical supply companies and teaching people how to breathe.....
Good luck and remember that school is a place to learn the basics about your profession and is not the end all in your career.

Answered 2 years ago

Betty Wrght

Nancy Duffy

Before you give up on a career that you worked so hard for admission, there are a few options for you to consider in terms of strategies.
1. Speak to the instructor and discuss your challenges with the predominant mode of teaching style. They may have suggestions.
2. Ask if you can tape record the lectures and listen while you exercise, study or drive.
3. Ask students in the class if they are interested in forming a study group. There are online guides on how this can be set up.
You have to decide what is right for you in terms of this career and how to be successful. I wish you well in this difficult decision.

Answered 3 years ago

Nancy Duffy