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It is wonderful to see that you have aspirations to join the medical profession. The fact that you have these goals is an indicator of your willingness to succeed.

I am going to answer your question using the Socratic method. (1) What was your reason for choosing the medical terminology as a course? (2) How comfortable are you with introductory biology foundation taught at your high school? (3) How well have you mastered advanced topics in AP/IB Biology? (4) What do you hope to gain by taking this particular class? (5) What is your style and pace of learning?

These are important questions to explore and having a solid goal in mind as you proceed through any course can help you stay focused and achieve your maximum potential. To more directly answer your question, any exposure to science classes can help strengthen your baseline understanding of the scientific method and further develop your critical thinking as it applies to the field. The main advice I have is work as hard as possible, ask questions and dig deeper. Even if you feel that you have mastered a topic, find questions to explore how to apply that knowledge and get to know your professors. Work hard and you will succeed. Good luck!

Answered 2 years ago