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Bruce Hatton

Occupational and Physical therapy are very broad field of study. If you have done your research on Occupational Therapist (OT's) you will see that most work with fine motor skills of the upper extremities and are limited to just that. Physical Therapy (PT's) have more of a broad spectrum, where as a PT's is liscensed and highly qualified to work holistically with the whole body. OT's can work in Hospitals, School Districs, outpatient clinics, and homehealth companies. To my knowledge if you would like to be more advanced with your studies in OT, I know idividuals who have went on to get their PHD and also their certification as a hand therapist.

OT is not of my best interest but I do have experience working with them as I am trying to pursue a career in Physical Therapy. Feel free to ask any questions and if I can't answer them for you I can contact my fellow OT's to get a answer as soon as possible.

Bruce Hatton Jr.
B.S Health Science

Answered 7 years ago

Bruce  Hatton