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Andrew Virgili

If your question is what to do with your fascination with helping others and helping people improve their lives then a medical/health related career path could potentially be extremely rewarding for you. There are innumerable career paths in the health/ medical field. There is internal medicine, nursing, psychiatry, counseling and even other things like probation officers which don't fall into the medical/ health field but is still a great way to help others improve their lives. Medical school is tough, competitive and expensive, which goes without saying. I would try to narrow down your list of potential career options to your top three choices and compare contrast the required amount of time/ money/ schooling/ commitment and reward you would receive from all three of them. I am not certain what your current school status is but if you are still looking for a major, then biology is very popular for pre-med school students. if medical school is not your ultimate goal then a major such as sociology or psychology could lead to a fruitful career as some type of counselor. There is always the possibility of going to graduate school to receive an advanced degree such as a Master's in Social Work if you think mental health is the right choice for you. I could write for hours about the different career paths available in the medical/health field. You could choose to help people in other ways that may be less obvious such as a dietician, a physical trainer and all sorts of other areas in the health career field. Feel free to send me questions.


Answered 6 years ago

Andrew Virgili