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I am in school after a 6.5 year long break...

I am older, more dedicated, and more motivated to succeed. I am making excellent grades now, however my first year and a half in college 6.5 years ago I got a bunch of F's. I am majoring in Biology as I finish my undergraduate and I would like to apply to medical school. My academic adviser could not guarantee that these "old" bad grades wouldn't negatively affect me during the med school application process. Any thoughts on this? Would my high performance from here on, particularly in science courses, outweigh my poor history? Any feedback will be appreciated!

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Elizabeth Lehto

You're adviser is right, med schools may look at your old grades. However, schools are becoming more friendly towards non-traditional applicants. It may be worth mentioning it in your personal statement or the other section of the application, especially if there was a reason you weren't so successful your first time around.

When looking for schools to apply to, check out the average age of applicants. Those with higher average ages tend to be more non-traditional friendly. D.O. programs also tend to be more non-traditional friendly. You may want to consider applying to a few of these schools in addition to where you are already applying.

Best of luck!

Answered 9 years ago

Elizabeth Lehto