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Reid Bloomfield

Great question! I too have many interests. One day I want to be a professional piano player, the next a fireman, the next a photographer, etc. The first thing I would do is to decide whether you want to be something that requires specialized training. (i.e. doctor, lawyer, nurse, architect, etc). These professions require specialized degrees which require huge time commitments and unrelenting dedication. If you think you might be interested in one of these, I would interview people in that field and see if you could shadow them for a day.

If you're not looking at a specialized field, it doesn't really matter what degree you get. Ok, maybe a little, but many jobs just require a bachelor's degree in any area, not just a specific one. Many employers just want to know that you are capable of making it through school.

Personally I chose a business degree because it applies to many industries. It's kind of like a catch all for any company. You can always find a position in a company with a business degree since part of the training involves personal growth, marketing, management, accounting, law, critical thinking, etc.

I hope that helps!

Answered 8 years ago

Reid Bloomfield