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Christy Neal

I think this is one of the biggest myths on earth! Everyone feels that there is some big answer out there that is eluding them...their career decision. Your career choice is not a single decision, it's a journey that evolves over time. Just as you will change and grow as a person, your choice of career will also probably change over time.

Please don't put unnecessary stress on yourself to select one ultimate goal right now. Life has an amazing way of gently guiding us towards our intended destination.

For now, I would try to identify what sort of lifestyle you'd like to enjoy as an adult. Do you see yourself having multiple kids? Taking elaborate vacations? Would you be happy living in a small apartment or do you need a mansion? Once you decide that, your career options will be narrowed down a bit. Whatever career you select, it must be able to support the lifestyle that you dream of.

I began my career in healthcare by chance, working for a temp agency. I enjoyed changing jobs as a young person, as each new job revealed something to me that I didn't know before. Over the years, I found my way. Trust me, you will too!

Answered 6 years ago

Christy Neal