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Elizabeth Lehto

The application process can seem scary at first, but it's not as bad as it seems.

Applications open in May. You'll need to fill out a centralized application, there are three to chose from depending on your ambitions. For the three you mentioned you'll want to fill out the AMCAS application for MD programs (https://www.aamc.org/students/applying/)
Texas MD programs have their own Texas application (http://www.tmdsas.com/)
And DO programs have their own application (https://aacomas.aacom.org/)
Most people apply to more than three schools, talk to your adviser to help strategize your application.

The first application you submit is called a primary application. Once schools get your primary they may invite you to fill out a secondary application. These applications are unique to each program, consist of one or more essay questions, and have varying associated fees.

Those schools who like your secondary will invite you to interview. This is a chance to cone out, see the school, meet some of the faculty and students, and show them you are a stellar applicant.

After interviews you'll be offered a spot in the upcoming class, a spot on the wait list, or a rejection.

For more information check out these sites:

Answered 6 years ago

Elizabeth Lehto