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Sallie Smith

I have similar background - Many/ most insurance companies are looking for people just like you! Cigna, United HealthCare and Blue Cross plans just to name a few. I have worked for all three. Some, I have functioned as a Telephonic or Onsite Health Educator/ Health Coach educating people on weight management, tobacco cessation, etc. I have also worked onsite "Worksite Wellness" programs - managing Employee Wellness Programs for companies. If you have not considered worksite health/ Corporate Wellness, I would definitely suggest you explore that option. If not for the insurance companies - sometimes companies hire directly -
professionals just like you - to help keep their employees healthy. There is also additional training and certifications available through the Chapman Institute or WELCOA. Happy Job Hunting! Excited to have to join our field.

Answered 3 years ago

Sallie Smith