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Elizabeth Lehto

You've taken on a pretty full load! Pre med is hard enough for some people to manage alone, and having a job just adds more to your plate.

I'd start by looking at a schedule to see if you have time for everything you are taking on. Start with a week long calender with blocks for every hour. Put in when you work and when you have class. Then block off time for meals, sleep, and driving. Everything that is left over is your space for studying and socializing. Typically you want to spend four hours a week studying for every unit a class is worth (so a 4 unit class would get 16 outside of class study hours a week), plus a little extra time for anything that you may be struggling with. Once you've figured out how many hours you need to study, pencil that in too.

With everything mapped out you'll see just how much time you need to put into all your activities every week. If that looks manageable, great! Stick to the schedule, moving things around as needed, and be sure to get all your study hours in.

If it's not manageable, something needs to change. You may need to work fewer hours or take fewer classes, both of which can be hard things to do especially if you need the money to pay bills. But giving up something is better than trying to commit to too much.

Best of luck!

Answered 8 years ago

Elizabeth Lehto