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Sonya H

Medically you can select many fields that will allow you to help people. Most medical fields require quite a bit of science so its good that you enjoy science. You could entertain becoming a physician, a nurse, dentist, paramedic and the list goes on and on. You would need to explore strengths and interests within yourself to determine what area of healthcare would be a good fit for you, asking questions such as: Are you able to tolerate the sight of blood or enjoy helping people from all walks of life? How much school do you want to complete? There are several factors to consider to determine what best fits you and your personality. Also consider, helping people does not have to be be strictly clinical, many people in health care help people and are not necessarily clinical, such as an administrators, pharmacist, laboratory technicians, quality improvement staff, or dietary, they are helping people indirectly.Does this help you narrow your focus a little?

Answered 7 years ago

Sonya H