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Have you looked into PA schools in your area and what pre-reqs/requirements they require? Have you done the same for business? The two are unfortunately very different. Both have different things to offer. I would first figure out which job would be more enjoyable. It sounds like you have the volunteer hours in the medical field but it may be in your best interest to shadow people in both professions to see what you enjoy doing the most.

I am in the medical field so I have more knowledge on that end however I know some information on the business field side from friends who went that route. From my knowledge, as a PA you have numerous options and can move from one specialty to another fairly easily and when looking for your initial job you typically have many options. On the other hand, with business, the jobs tend to be harder to get because the degree is so broad. From the experience of my friends, you can get a job in the field after graduating but it is usually not a position that is the most desirable. Of course, there is always exceptions, say if you know people in the business industry and can get in somewhere you most desire.

Getting to the point, you should find out what job makes you happiest and makes you enjoy going to work. If PA's that route, don't let the science deter you. Science has always been a struggle for me despite loving the subject. I have obtained my Masters in Occupational Therapy and plan to continue my education in the sciences. I have done a lot of research on the PA program and am currently in the process of applying. It is a challenging program both to get accepted and to complete but anything worth doing takes time and effort, right? It is worth the investment. PA is the number one job in the nation right now and speaking to PA's in the field, it is a fantastic job with many areas to practice in.

Answered 2 years ago