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Doris Watson, MSN, RN

What is your major in school? That will help narrow down some areas. It sounds like you are doing well; you have a great GPA. Age should not be factor; there are plenty of people your age going back to school for second careers in nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy. You will need stamina and plenty of energy as you may be on your feet alot, and some positions may require you to do shift work of 8-12 hours. Both fields will require certification or licenses in your state. So, you need to ask yourself which age group you prefer to work with, the length of courses in each field and how long each option will take. Set down some realistic goals for yourself: where your are now and where you want to be say in 6 mos to a year from now, and how far away are you from your goal. Make your goals specific. Also look into your schools career and guidance services; some people are so busy attending classes and doing assignments that your forget those resources at your fingertips. Hope this is helpful and good luck with your new career.

Answered 8 years ago

Doris Watson, MSN, RN