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Eunyoung Cho

I once had the same question. If you have heart to help and care people in medical field, it is good idea to start with volunteering at hospitals, doctor's office, etc. For me, I wanted to be a nurse. So I shadowed at doctor's office and found out it was not for me. I couldn't handle emotions very well, and got frustrated when patients are struggling. Everyone has different personalities and likes. And there are more than physicians and nurses in health care field.
It could be healthcare management, administration, IT, lab technologist, medical assistant, physical therapist, occupational therapist, radiation technologist, and hundreds more. They work in all different area, but eventually all are crucial in contributing to patient's care and safety.
So try to have some hands-on experience or volunteer experience first. Talk to teachers, friends, and parents to see what kind of personality and talent they see in you. Think for yourself what you like and you are good at. Combined all the experience and thoughts, you will be able to say if you are committed to work in health care field. If so, what kind of career you would enjoy the most!
Good luck!! You have a good heart and you can do it!! :)

Answered 9 years ago

Eunyoung Cho