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Lisa Sharpe

There are many fields in nursing that you can look into. Such medical billing, medical transcript, radiologist, lab technician, Health care management, an ultra sound technician , EMT, or a social worker You have to do some research to see which each position does, what the pay is like and if there is a demand for it in your local home town. You also have to figure out what type of work you are looking for. After you are done researching the different positions in the health care filed grab a piece of paper and write all the pro and cons about each position. This will help you figure out what area you want to study. Also remember that to do good in life you have to love what you do. Also once you love what you are doing you will try harder to do good in school because you are learning something that actually interest you and you will love going to work everyday because you are happy with your career choice.

Answered 7 years ago

Lisa Sharpe