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Alan Gonzalez

When you say Physiology are you talking about Physical Therapy or as in being a medical doctor?
If you do want to go into the route of Physical Therapy then I suggest you study Kinesiology in college, universities might have different names for the major but it should be something along the lines of Kinesiology. For this career you will need a lot of time invested in working with Physical Therapists, either volunteering or they actually hire you for pay.

If you are talking about being a medical doctor then you can be any major, what medical schools look for is that you take the pre-requisite classes such as Biology, Organic Chemistry, Biochem, etc. So you can be an Art Major but as long as you take those pre-reqs you will be fine. Of course, you will need to also invest time in volunteering in a medical environment, shadowing, research experience and things of the sort.

Answered 7 years ago

Alan Gonzalez