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Vanon Keeya

Hey, i absolutely support you on this, you should definitely go ahead with your dreams. it a good and fascinating field to learn about; you will be amazed by what the medical field has to offer. But before you go ahead to do that, if you are a freshman, this is good advise. You should explore it more before you actually get into it. Now, what do i mean by this, i mean that you should try getting a concentration so that you know your goals and you can shoot for the sky. As a saying goes, "You can't shoot it if you can't aim it". in case of this question , it means that if you decide to take a certain path in the medical field, you stay focused onto it. Not to scare you, but its kinda hard, it becomes easier the more you study and practice. PASSION TO DO SOMETHING WITH LOVE, its all it takes. Best of luck.

Answered 9 years ago

Vanon Keeya