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VJ Lam

As a dietitian myself, a nutritionist usually has a number of career paths. I'll try to be as succinct as possible :)

1. Consultations with patients
You'll be designing meal plans for people who request for dietary advice, including diabetes, kidney disease, weight loss, sports nutrition, general healthy eating and many more. You can eventually specialize in sports nutrition as it is a certification you can try for if you're interested. You follow up with your patients regularly to see if their goals are met or what obstacles they are experiencing, and this can happen in the setting of a corporate company or private practice.

2. Sales
No doubt you have probably heard of Abbott and Nestle, they often have sales rep positions that commute around hospitals to help sell their products and devices.

3. Food service management
You'll be learning how to manage people in a kitchen to make sure everything runs smoothly. That means you'll familiarize yourself with recipe management, calculations, human resources, and kitchen appliances/equipment.

4. Public health
I know some nutritionists or dietitians get hired by school districts and they manage nutrition education programs for schools, so they also get to teach kids the importance of nutrition. If you eventually get interested in a degree for public health, this will definitely give you a big leg up in this career path.

5. Academia/research
Of course as with every degree, you can stay in academia and eventually work your way in research to a teaching or laboratory position in a college or university, though those will require a masters degree or more.

Just to clarify by the way, that a nutritionist cannot perform job duties that are for a dietitian, BUT dietitians are permitted to do what a nutritionist can (technically we are called registered dietitian/nutritionist or RDN for short). Nutritionists and dietitians differ due to the internship that dietetic students go through, hence nutritionists cannot work in a hospital (dietitians can!).

That's all I can think of for now, let me know if you have any questions! :D

Answered 4 years ago

VJ Lam