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Hi. Would you be possibly be interested in becoming a pharmacist?
Pharmacy spans in so many different areas that most people aren't even thinking about. Pharmacists take on different roles in different settings:
There are clinical pharmacists that work in the hospital.
There are staff pharmacists that also work in the hospital.
There are nuclear pharmacists working with radioactive medications.
There are oncology pharmacists working with chemotherapy drugs and cancer patients.
There are pediatric pharmacists working with children in the hospital.
There are kidney/heart ... you name it ... pharmacists working in that section.
There are industry pharmacists working with pharmaceutical companies.
There are ambulatory care pharmacists that work with patients directly in a clinic.
There are academic pharmacists who teach as well as work on the side.
There are independent pharmacies, that pharmacists own their own pharmacy. They may also do compounding (making medications for individual patients).
There are retail/community pharmacists that work in places like Target, CVS, Walgreens, etc.
There are governmental pharmacists working at the FDA, CDC, etc.
There are traveling pharmacists that work on navy/military ships or independently around the globe helping 3rd world countries and all.
***Some areas: pharmacist can initiate or change medications based on the patients' needs.
Schooling ranges from 5 (2 undergrad + 3 years pharmacy), 6 (2 undergrad + 4 years pharmacy), 8 (4 years undergrad + 4 years pharmacy) years.
Demand: good, and working towards more need for pharmacists and pharmacy expanded roles, healthcare is always a demand.
How to get started: get a tech license and work in a retail store, volunteer in a hospital.
HOW? ask around and let them know you are interested!
Uniform? - depending which field of pharmacy. Hospital = scrubs or white coat over professional/semi/casual professional wear. (techs - likely scrubs).
Typical day: hospital - 8-12 hour shifts (30 mins - 1 hour lunch), making IV's, putting drugs in the cart and sending them to different units and floors for patients, asking patients about their medications, if you have a license or intern license you can counsel on their medications.
Ask your advisor/mentor at school. Ask a pharmacist at a store! Ask a hospital worker to ask the pharmacist or someone who has the applications to volunteer or work at the hospital! ... then you can shadow doctors and nurses and pharmacists to learn more about what they do and to see if you think you would like to do this for the rest of your career :) Good Luck!

Answered 8 years ago