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Doris Watson, MSN, RN

There are few routes to take when considering this career field: psychology and social work. Research the degree programs of schools you are considering attending. Some schools offer specific career track courses that are geared to mental health counseling generalist, or drug and alcohol abuse counseling (this may also require certification depending on what state you are in ). A major in social work with advanced degrees and certificates can prepare you for marriage and family therapy; these courses are very specific in nature with specialized classes in schools of Social Work. You will need at the minimum a Master's degree and as high as a Doctorate degree for some positions in this career field.

While you are in high school keep your GPA up and take college prep courses that you will need to enter a college program of your choice, but now would be the time to research the best schools in this career track. Your school guidance counselor is also a good resource.

Answered 9 years ago

Doris Watson, MSN, RN