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Bjana McGee

This will be a fairly long response to your question, but I also hope it gives a better understanding of what is ahead in the area of psychology. First, psychology (the study of the human mind and behavior) is a very broad area of study by itself. There are so many areas of psychology (human mind and behavior) to receive experience in....and truthfully, it is vital to the functioning of any and every company/business. The study of mind and behavior is around us everyday with our interpersonal relationships. Now, consider the many ways you interact with people from day to day...parent/child, family activities, teacher or counselor/student, sports/athletic teams, employer/employee, community service and volunteer work etc. Believe it or not, all of the above mentioned areas need people with expertise in an area of psychology. However, most often these area of work require advanced degrees (Masters degree or Doctorate), depending on area of interest. So, to answer your question about internships I would suggest you assess yourself on your interests in the field of psychology. For example, do you like working with kids? Maybe you could volunteer with a daycare. Do you like helping others who may be struggling in some area of life? Maybe you can volunteer with a nonprofit or other community organization. Do you like investigating or understanding criminal behavior? Maybe you could volunteer at the police station? The list could go on and on, but it's important to figure out what's an interest and pursue that. Your initial interest certainly doesn't have to be the final answer, but if you realize that it isn't what you thought it would be you're at least closer to figuring out what you really like and possibly develop a career in that area. Another thing, I know I didn't identify "internships," but essentially, "internships" are on the job work experience, without the benefits of a full time worker. Volunteerism is the same concept especially since many internships are unpaid. Certainly hope this helps :-)

Answered 9 years ago

Bjana McGee