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MHA-Master's in Health Administration

What are the opportunities in the field? What does your job description and duties entail?

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Jae Suh

I currently work for a major non-profit company that provides mental health care to people w/ public benefits (Medicaid, Medicare, etc.), and I hire many people w/ MHA degrees. They often start with jobs providing direct services to clients (case manager, counselor, benefits specialist, etc.) before eventually exploring a career in management or administration. If it's of interest to you to do more direct services, you can make a good career providing various types of services to clients/patients as a counselor, case manager, and/or other related positions. If you find more interest in administrative roles, you may want to look into management positions in public sectors. Background and knowledge of health-related policies/protocols, etc. are often helpful in landing management positions.

Answered 8 years ago

Jae Suh