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Dan Nguyen

What is the question? If the question is how to become a physician, here's an answer:
4 years of college, major in anything you want but make sure you take additional classes that fullfill pre-med requirements. It will also benefit you to take additional science courses not required for medicine to stand out such as anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, biochemistry, etc. Make sure you do well in your classes. Hobbies and activities in college must also include some kind of exposure to medicine allowing a letter of rec from a physician. Other letter of recs must be from science professors. MCAT is an admission test that you must take as well.

Once in medical school, you go through four years of it and graduate as a "physican", at that point you need to decide on what speciality you want and enter it -- surgery, peds, family, psych, other. Once done you will a fully fledged board certified physician.

Answered 4 years ago

Dan Nguyen