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Jeff Hauge

If you are interested in the medical or forensics fields, I’m sure you’re the type that likes to find answers. I would like to suggest a technique I have used to find interesting things to learn about. Go to the library. Start with the medical or forensic section. Find a book that looks interesting and slightly above your reading comfort level. . Scan the table of contents and skip to sections that spark your interest. Page through the book, read only some of the sections that catch your attention
Do the same thing in the forensics section. Following this process may lead you to other sections of the library. What you are going to find is that you will gravitate to a subject that you want to keep going back to. You will eventually find books on a subject that you don’t want to put down. You will want to read the entire book, word for word. You may also want to read other books by the same author or related subjects.
Keep the process interesting. You are doing this for you. You’re following your imagination. Have fun and you will find the answers your looking for.

Answered 9 years ago

Jeff Hauge