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Bakhtyar Saeed

My daughter did her BS (Bio) some four years ago, but was not getting a job in the area of her major. So she decided to go in for nursing. She looked up on the internet all the nursing schools within a convenient distance of where we live. She then called the various schools, and started going over to the guidance counselors in those schools. She found that although she had a BS (Bio), yet she needed to complete quite a few pre-requisites for getting into nursing classes; she was also told that a BS in Nursing requires much hard work. She found that it was quite costly for her as she will not get any tuition grants for her 2nd BS, however she would get study-loans, or may pay out of pocket. She completed the pre-requisites, got into the school, but unfortunately did not do well, and will have to take the those courses ( nursing courses, and not the pre-requisites) again. She plans to do so this fall.
I have given all this detail so that it may be easy for you to draw your own conclusions from the life experience of another person.
I will add that Public Health field is expected to continue to expand for the years to come. Which means good job availability, nice pay , choice of working in the town you like close to family and friends, and all that in addition to the personal satisfaction and sense of achievement one gets in helping the patients in their suffering. I have encouraged and actively supported my daughter in her decision for these important factors.

Answered 7 years ago

Bakhtyar Saeed