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What are the careers in medical science technology?

What are the careers in medical health technology?

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Lajuana Ehlers

There are many careers in the medical field. I would advise you to do an internet search for a list of careers in the medical industry. Read through them and research those of interest to view training/school requirements.

When deciding on a career choice, get a piece of paper and pen. Write down all the things you like to do. Then input those keywords into an internet search for careers. See what comes up and go from there! Also, what courses in school did you excel in and like?

A foot in the door for medical experience is to do some volunteer work in a hospital or medical facility/environment.

Becoming a PA is a good long term goal! It is a very competitive field. Working a couple or more years in a medical field would definitely improve your chances of getting into a PA program. If possible, try to work in the area you would like to practice when you become a PA.

Psychology degree can be limiting with an undergraduate degree. Perhaps, you could consider doing a double major with psychology being one area of study. You could do an internet search for "careers in psychology".

A cosmetic surgeon is a medical doctor. Therefore, you would need a four year undergraduate degree before applying to a medical school. An undergraduate degree in any science/medical field with good grades should make you a good contender when you apply.

Answered 3 months ago

Lajuana Ehlers