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Chitra Rajput

Hello, I'd love to help you explore some options. What are your interests outside of medicine? In most cases, there isn't a required undergraduate major for acceptance to medical school. As long as you successfully complete the required pre-med courses, you can pick any major. Some find it convenient to major in biology since most of the pre-med courses are part of its curriculum. Others choose to major in an unrelated topic and take the premed courses as electives or extra coursework. That option helps the candidate stand out among the plethora of biology major applicants, and it gives them alternative career options. Some people also find that they're able to maintain a higher GPA by majoring in something other than biology or another science. You may major in anything you choose. I'd strongly suggest choosing what you're passionate about as that is what you'd be most successful in.

The following majors are very useful in other advanced fields: biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, nursing, computer science, physics, mathematics, statistics, finance, accounting.

Please let me know how I may assist you further. All the best!

Answered 7 years ago

Chitra Rajput