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Nansy Matusiak

The field of Nursing is very diverse in the opportunity regarding Nursing:
Bedside nursing in a Hospital setting in various specialties: Perioperative , Orthopedic, Medical, Surgical, Critical Care, Emergency/Trauma, Gynecologic, Obstetrics, Pediatric, Adult, Cardiac, Neurological, Interventional , Post anesthesia care,Gastrointestinal, Urological,Imaging Services
Clinic care
Physician office care
Public health -Visiting Nursing
Nursing Skill - Geriatric, Rehabilitation
Ambulatory Surgery
Electronic Medical Record specialist
Utilization Review specialist
Education/In-services (development of educational programs)

Once you have experience in one or numerous specialties you can seek Leadership, management positions. The skill set, experience from Nursing Management can open doors for other Management positions beyond Nursing along with networking.

Skill set/competencies: fiscal and operation management, workforce management, quality /risk management, project management, change agent management, inventory management, cost analysis, problem solving, time management, delegation, customer satisfaction, developing relations with Administration, regulatory & accreditation bodies, empowerment, leadership to name a few.

Answered 6 years ago

Nansy Matusiak