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Jonathan Wall


In order to become a RNFA, you must first become an RN. I'm not sure if you're an RN yet based solely upon your question.

RN's can get an associates or more commonly, a bachelors degree, then take the NCLEX-RN exam and become licensed, use this page to read more:

Once you get your RN and practice in an OR (Operating Room), it paves the way to becoming a First Assistant. I will note that in order to become an RNFA (First assistant) it does require a bachelors degree depending on if you practice nursing before 2020 (see below)

How does a RN become a First Assist?

Qualifications for RNFA Practice
The minimum qualifications to practice as an RNFA include:
- certification in perioperative nursing (CNOR);
- successful completion of an RNFA program that meets the “AORN standards for RN first assistant education programs”;
- compliance with all statutes, regulations, and institutional policies relevant to RNFAs;
- a baccalaureate degree, with the exception that the RNFA practicing prior to January 1,
2020, may continue to practice at his or her existing level of education.

There are educational programs to prepare experienced RNs who have achieved proficiency in the OR. Formal RNFA education is provided in many colleges throughout the country which involves the equivalent of one academic year of both classroom and supervised clinical education with oversight by a surgeon preceptor. For additional information regarding this nursing specialty, go here:

Answered 6 years ago

Jonathan Wall