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Jyoti Singh

Generally a PA in a clinic setting does the same job as an MD. We see patients autonomously, creating a diagnosis and treatment plan on our own. However, when things are beyond our scope of practice we involve the MD for more guidance. Now each specialty and company uses PAs differently. Some work as an extender to the MD instead of autonomously. So really the function of the PA varies depending on specialty and the MD he or she works for. If you are interested in Integrative Health it maybe difficult to find a job as a PA but more likely as a nurse practitioner, medical doctor or maybe even consider naturopathic medicine. There are a lot of avenues you can take that I think are better than being a PA if Integrative Health is the direction you would like to take.

Good luck and if you need any additional help please feel free to request mentorship with myself or anyone else!


Answered 7 years ago

Jyoti Singh