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Dr. Ameena Ali

Now, this answer depends on the type of doctor that you would like to be. There are Medical Doctors; men and women that take 8-10 years of medical and specialized education in the direction of Medical, Pharmacological or Forensic sciences. These doctors work through and with medicine and work to diagnose and cure humans in their illnesses.

Then, there are Doctors of Philosophy and Education. These individuals, like myself take the guess work out of the literal aspects of everything medical and non-medical. There are fields of medicine (like I am in) and from everything from engineering and physics to education and the arts. This is the research and development of theories, hypotheses and factual analysis.

The choice is yours and i hope you able to use this to help you!

Dr. Ameena Ali, PhD, CD-B/P, VLM
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Answered 9 years ago

Dr. Ameena Ali