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You can get jobs in range of different job settings but I will talk about some coolest ones :)
1) College & universities: a job that makes an impact on the health of students such as health & recreation programs.

2) Health Departments: A job required to work on committees designed to address the health needs of a state or local community.

3) Corporate Settings:A job which requires to set up health programs for employee wellness.

4) Healthcare Companies: A job in a company that sells some sort of health product and market research.

5) Research Facilities: A job requires to use statistics and other mathematical skills to help further medical research. These facilities may be located at universities, hospitals, or pharmaceutical companies.

6) Federal Health Agencies:A job that requires to focus on environmental factors that affect public health. Example of federal agency:FDA

7) Hospitals & Clinics:A job that requires to involve in counseling on healthy behaviors and doing mental health assessments.

8) Public Policy groups:A job which requires to take an active role in advising legislators on health issues.

9) Non Profit groups: A job which requires to involve in addressing issues such as the lack of healthcare resources in some populations focusing on public outreach and education.

10) Wellness clinics: A part of this job requires to involve in advising patients on food choices or exercise and fitness plans.

Answered 8 years ago