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This is an excellent question! There are several industries where you can apply your skillset for this:
(1) biotech companies
-designing or analyzing medical products for companies like stryker

(2) a tech company that has a medical interface. I'm sure there are jobs at places like NASA where they need analysis of physics and the human body. (for instance, a huge problem in space exploration is the reduction in bone density of astronauts due to the lack of weight-bearing opportunities in zero gravity).

My one other piece of advice is to have you consider a biomedical engineering program instead. There are more job opportunities and higher pay with that degree, but I think it accomplishes the same knowledge acquisition as the physics with biomed concentration. If your school doesn't offer that then don't worry! Continue your study plans and you can always get that kind of degree later online or elsewhere. :)

Here's a start for you,

Answered 3 years ago