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Dear Student,

Thank you for asking such a wonderful question! There a number of things you can major in to become a Plastic/Cosmetic Surgeon. I'm going to list the 3 major categories that students fall into. The most important thing you can do is to major in what you love and are interested in and that once you pick your major to apply yourself and to earn the best grades possible. To attend medical school, you are NOT required to major in any specific science field; however, you are required to take certain core classes (2 semesters of biology, 2 semesters of general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, english/basic writing, and 2 semesters physics--the requirements vary among medical schools but for most schools that's the minimum).
(1) Traditional Route: You can major in a biological science. Most schools will offer a major in biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, or neuroscience. This is a challenging but very rewarding route as it will allow you to fulfill the pre-medical requirements while also fulfilling the requirements for your degree. This route is the most practical and will offer you the opportunity to perform research activities within your department if you choose.

(2) Liberal Arts: psychology, sociology, kinesiology (or even English, Art History etc...) You should consider this route if there is a particular discipline that you are interested in. Beware that with this route you will still need to take extra courses to fulfill the premed requirements above. It will be vital to do well in those courses as well. All these area offer research in their departments and if you have a passion in any of those subjects you can also gain research exposure.
(3) Non-traditional major (music, art, fine arts, engineering or anything else): You will gave wonderful skills in these majors and applying them into medicine will offer you a unique perspective to approaching medicine. I myself am an engineer transitioning into medical school and can vouch for the fact that having a diverse major will allow you to stand out.

Bottom line: there are many routes you can take to become a surgeon. The most important thing you can do is to love what you are learning as the medical profession loves individuals who are passionate and unique. Whatever you do try your hardest and you will succeed!

Best of luck

Answered 6 years ago


Gaye Barclay

Plastic Surgeon

Answered 6 years ago

Gaye Barclay