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Dana Horn

Well, I'm active duty Air Force, and there are career fields very similar to your CIA type jobs. Air Force followed closely by the Navy have the most intel job opportunities. I would say if you want to be involved with a job that has Top Secret or Secret clearances, only accept a job offer from a career feild that you are interested in. When you join the Air Force there are 2 ways to do it, Open, meaning you go into BMT without any idea what your job is going to be and it gets assigned to you when you graduate, or closed, meaning you know what your job is going to be when you sign your contract.

Another option would be guard or reserves. They report for duty 1 weekend each month and can spend the rest of their time doing any civilian job or school they want. I would recommend Air National Guard because most states offer tuitions assistance so you don't have to pay for your school while you're in the guard if school is something you care about.

The biggest difference between Guard and Reserves is the mission. Reserves are a federal asset that report to the President. Guard is a state and federal asset, so when the president doesn't need them, the Governer of the state they join through is who they report to. Both guard and reserve can be deployed overseas. Guard is usually the military presense you see scrambled to respond to national disasters.

Answered 8 years ago

Dana Horn