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Vanon Keeya

Probably you have already heard of this already; i hate saying it again, but its the reality of life. "Follow your instincts". Now we don't want to jump to conclusions, let me add something to this. Following your heart is a good thing, but sometimes it leads us to making dumb decisions that we later regret in life. What I'm saying is that you want to follow you heart, but with a question such as getting into the military, to be real, i think its kind if risk depending what kind of person you really are. By that i mean you mentality toward certain and the way you perceive certain things. My best advise to you would be that "You weigh the prose and the cons of what you get from it and choose whats best for you". Working for the military is not bad thing at all, but in certain situations like these i think you should turn to family or counselors for advise. Its a death and life decision. i live this up to you. Best of luck my friend.

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Answered 9 years ago

Vanon Keeya