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George Paige

You have multiple questions that frankly are best answered by a Navy Recruiter. Mine was an Army background but, I share your vision issue and can confirm that color blindness will keep you out of flight school. I learned that by sitting through a number of tests in a Navy Recruiter's office. All went well until we got to his request to identify the number hidden in the circle of colored balls and you have likely experienced the confusion of not seeing any hidden numbers.
Now will that issue impact your ability to become a SEAL? All I can say is that color blindness was never an issue for the Army infantry nor to the best of my knowledge did it limit one from joining the Special Forces.
If it turns out that your vision does not prevent you from joining the SEALs I can tell you that mental strength will be your toughest challenge. We had an old family friend who was a member of the first SEAL class and while Bobby was in excellent physical condition throughout his life he often mentioned that it was more his determination to make the grade than just his physical strength that allowed him to complete the course.
Good luck on your journey

Answered 9 years ago

George Paige