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Im debating weither I should go into the Army or Navy? I want to go in as an officer but I refuse to apply to the Naval Academy or West Point because im just not that competitive. But also with the NROTC Scholership I dont fit in their Tiers for majors.

Correct me if Im wrong please. Army:
Can pick your on job
Merge MOS's of other branches (qualified in various jobs)
Not at sea
Not as competitive
Largest/Highest in command<br />
Army scholership<br />
Incentives/Benefits<br />
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -<br />
Travel to places like Afghanistan/Iraq (No Thank You)<br />
Learn how to use assault rifles hand-to-hand combat<br />
Does Not fit my personality<br />
Low Standards<br />
<br />
Navy<br />
Likes/Dislikes<br />
Travel<br />
Food<br />
Experiance<br />
Technical Jobs<br />
High Standards<br />
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -<br />
At Sea<br />
Cant Swim<br />
Get Seasick<br />
Dont like the ocean<br />
Claustrophobic<br />
Hate the enviroment<br />
Dont want to persue an officer status<br />
But then I dont want to be enlisted forever either<br />
Dont get to choose job<br />
Uniforms arnt comfy(wear them twice a week njrotc)
Navy Scholership (doesnt have my major)
Naval Academy (Doesnt have my major)
It makes me feel undesirable

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Aisha Walker

Hi there! I'm a Navy veteran, I served four years active duty as a gunner's mate enlisted. What I would tell you is that the best thing to do is be in contact with a recruiter. There are options available in which you can become an officer in the military without going to an academy, such as the Navy's Seaman to Admiral program, also known as STA-21. Previously there were over a dozen different paths for active-duty sailors to become commissioned officers, "Seaman to Admiral" being just one of them. This wide array of programs lacked uniformity in benefits, selection procedures, educational opportunities, and program requirements. This created a very confusing web of program applications, deadlines, and choices for fleet applicants and was very cumbersome for the Navy to manage and administer. For more information on STA-21, visit http://www.sta-21.navy.mil/.

Answered 5 years ago

Aisha Walker

Shane Eugene Mass

Let's take a look at these options. I will say, I was in the Navy and my experience was outstanding. With this said, I will do my best to provide you with a non-biased opinion.

From what I can gather, here are the facts:
1. Wants to be officer
2. Wants career path to match scholarship
3. Hand to hand combat does not fit personality
4. Can't swim/ gets motion sickness.

Based on this, I can say that in most branches of the military, you will have to learn hand to hand combat, regardless of your designation "MOS". Even in Office school, this is considered to be important. All branches accept entrance as an officer with and existing bachelors degree. I would like to say there are 3 other branches of the military that have not been mentioned to this point. the Coast Guard, Air Force and Marine Corps... Now, of the 3 you have not yet mentioned, Possibly the Air Force would be a better fit for you.

Here's some pointers we can discuss next visit.

1. research pros and cons of the other 3 branches
2. consider finishing your degree and entering as an officer. This allow the bypass of academies
3. consider swim lessons?

See you in a few days!

Answered 8 years ago

Shane Eugene Mass