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George Paige

As with any team effort the individual members have special skills which have been acquired through long training. Those skills involve analysts who may never leave their desk to those who coordinate with other units to gather information and those who work with the message that explains what was done or why it needed to be done. All of that and much more supports the actual individuals on the ground doing the job.

While the movie version of the job may look romantic, I can assure you that the path to the operation involved days, weeks and months of physical and intellectual training to run a given op.

With that said these skills transfer to law enforcement, private security and corporate security work. I have one friend who moved on to gang activity analysis for a large sheriff's department after retirement from Defense Intelligence.

With so many options to choose from I have to suggest that you narrow down your quest to those activities that are of the most interest to you. Because of the training required and the willingness of an employer to provide it, you might be best focused to pursue advanced education to support the aspect in which you are interested. Alternatively, law enforcement may be willing to take you on at a beginner level and provide the training. Keep in mind that any employer will most likely train you to meet their needs so finding one that matches your career desires will be a challenge.

Good luck

Answered 9 years ago

George Paige